Growth hacking for Team and Startups

Learn it by doing
Over 30+ different techniques to acquire & retain users and finally convert them to revenue

Oct. 24 2015 — Bogotá Colombia
9:00 - 13:00hrs

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Growth Hacking for all

Most aspiring entrepreneurs have an idea but are trying to figure out next steps. Some entrepreneurs have a prototype but are trying to figure out ways to scale their business. At whatever stage you're in, in this workshop you'll learn different tools, techniques and methodologies to help you reach product market fit quickly and scale your business while being data driven.

Lean Startup Techniques

How To Validate Demand before building a product

Customer Centric Approach

Finding early adopters & building customer personas

Product Market Fit

How to measure & reach product market fit and more


Creating product flows and on-boarding process

Building a Prototype

Creating a landing page/website and generate the best results

Creating Your Business Canvas

Creating your unique value proposition for the correct clients

Tools & Metrics To Use

Over 30 tools for sales, product and growth measurement

Product development

How to set priorities for enhancements and best results

Funnel Analysis

Data driven techniques to measure users converting from initial interaction to revenue.

Who is it for

These techniques have been applied by startups & large enterprises all over the world and now it's time you have access to it.

  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who have an idea
  • Entrepreneurs who want to scale their business
  • Entrepreneurship professors who want to teach new techniques
  • Digital Consultants & Marketers
  • Incubators & Accelerators to want their startups to scale
  • Angels | VC's who want to their entrepreneurs to be data driven.
  • For you!
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The Speaker

Anirudh Narayan
About the fellow facilitator:

What will you get

4 hours of content
1 exercises
Over 30+ different techniques to acquire & retain users and finally convert them to revenue
1 Case Study on Growth Hacking: How to take a business from US$200,000 to US$1,000,000
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Oct. 24 - 2015

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  • AV KR 19 #114-09. OF 403. Edificio GLAS HAUS. | Tel: 6296779
  • 9:00 - 13:00hrs
  • Consignation in 191 822 277 92 Bancolombia, Cuenta de Ahorros
  • Call now to buy Elkin Garavito: (310) 769-9631
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All participants need to be sufficient in english, at a conversational level. Todos los participantes deben ser competentes en inglés, en un nivel conversacional.